Google Analyses Me. Result: Pass

I’ve heard the statement “University just teaches you to pass exams” quite often since graduating in 2007 and entering into the real world. So imagine my nerves when I sat down in front of the computer to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam and show that university wasn’t just an extended holiday.

“4 years of my life, £16,000 and a sheet of A4 paper saying degree on it. Does this mean I should be able to pass it?”

I am happy to say that a Google Analytics Certificate now has pride of place on my wall in the office. Although I find it slightly cheap that I had to print the certificate off myself. Where was the large hall, my name being read out, and me walking up to the stage to collect it out of the hand of Larry Page or Sergey Brin?

I’m the new boy at KMP Digitata and when I first arrived I had no experience of Google Analytics and so this was an opportunity for me to show some ability to learn and work quickly. I was also able show self restraint when I was given the company credit card to pay the $50 for the exam, Amazon did pop into my mind but was forced back by Completion Funnels and RegEx codes.

So now what? What does this qualification mean to me?

For me this qualification brightens up my office wall but more importantly shows my colleagues and clients that I have demonstrated proficiency in Google Analytics. I am now able to manage data to create reports displaying any information required about a website’s traffic and users.

The next step for us here at KMP Digitata, regarding analytics, is to look forward and towards the ‘Google Analytics Authorized Consultant‘ certificate. It’s a lot harder to obtain then the GAIQ award but we have taken the first step, and probably the easiest, by having two Google Analytic certified members at the company.

As for me personally I think I have space next to my Analytics Certificate for another one. Maybe Google AdWords is next……