Fantastic 5 from August

Is summer nearly over already? If the weather is anything to go by then the Autumn is definitely near early. As always our digital industry has been very active with some great and strange news occurring. This is what we have been reading at KMP Towers for the month of August.

A new Twitter user appeared this month that raised a few eyebrows. Following the creation of their YouTube channel last month, North Korea has now also moved to Twitter to share their news and have already reached over 10,000 followers in just over a week. The site was immediately blocked by South Korea and from what we can understand the majority of what they are talking about is pure propaganda, but none the less it’s an interesting move by the extremely secretive country

North Korea joins Twitter

On the 18th Facebook called people to their headquarters in Palo Alto to announce the launch of their Geolocation service called “Facebook Place”. The option is only available in the USA at the moment but with notifications on the iPhone saying “coming soon” but we are interested in playing with the new feature when it launches in the UK.

Facebook launches “Facebook Places”

We’ve known about the Facebook movie for a while now and how it follows Mark Zuckberg’s first year at Harvard when he created the Social Media website. Now it seems a movie is going to be created following Google creators Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Google to move onto the silver screen

With the launch of the iPad, tablet PCs and e-readers, consumers are now able to read books and other publications in a variety of ways. There is now another way that you might be able to read your favourite books thanks to Twitter. One man, @biblesummary, has decided to Tweet the Bible over the next 3 years. Could this trend catch on with other people choosing to Tweet their favourite books?

The Bible to be Tweeted over the next 3 years

Not since the battle between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to be the first Twitter Account to reach 1 million users back in April 2009 has there been much publicity about who has the highest number of followers because Britney Spears held that title for quite a while. If there was anyone to knock Britney off her Twitter Throne it had to be Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa over takes Britney Spears on Twitter