KMP Digitata & TrekAmerica use Facebook to send Trekkers on the Ultimate Road Trip

KMP Digitata and TUI Travel plc has been embracing social media with the TrekAmerica brand and the new community website we built for them, TrekAmerica Live. Following on from the success of TrekAmerica Live, KMP Digitata were assigned the task of developing a social media campaign that would embody the TrekAmerica brand ethos and increase the number of entries to the annual “Win the Ultimate Road Trip” competition.

TrekAmerica LogoThe Ultimate Road Trip happens each year and provides potential Trekkers a chance to win a dream trip across the States for themselves and 7 of their friends. Each entrant increases their chance of winning by recommending it to their friends. This used to be done through emails and unique urls that entrants could send to their friends. For each friend that would enter into competition the original entrant would receive another entry into the draw and further increase their chances of winning.

The whole competition revolves around putting 8 people on a bus and sending them across America. So the idea behind the app was for the entrant to create a virtual bus on Facebook and put 7 of their friends in the back. This bus would then be uploaded to the users profile as a wall picture and automatically tag the chosen friends. The photo tag means that the friends receive a notification and view the bus they have been put on.

In the caption of the photo contains the unique url of the entrant allowing their friends to create their own buses and add another entry into the competition for the original entrant.

To add a bit more fun to the process the user assigns his or her friends with a character profile that are aimed to poke fun at individuals and create an incentive for friends to comment and build a conversation. Some of these roles are positive, such as The Hot One or The Smooth One, whereas some are not so kind, like The Bossy One or The Spaced Out One. All the character profiles are based upon characters that a trekker might encounter on their travels.

Go create your own bus and have a chance to travel across the States with 7 of your best friends now.

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