Facebook makes a couple of nice changes

Time after time I log into Facebook and notice something different and it’s usually quite obvious. Before today the most recent change was the introduction of the chat bar down the right hand side of the browser. This morning it happened again but this time it was something more subtle.

While scrolling down my morning news feed I received a comment and so clicked on the little global notification at the top of my screen. After reading what my friend had sent me something didn’t quite feel right. An update launched today by Facebook now means that the top navigation is now locked at the top of the screen and scrolls down with you, meaning we now have quick access to the most important features.

Although it’s not a huge redesign or a new feature, for me it’s one of the most welcome changes Facebook has made. This update isn’t anything original though with Google+ and Twitter already having it. It also brings a question as to whether Facebook will soon drop the pop notification box in the bottom left now that they are easily accessible at the top of the screen (I’ve checked and it still appears).

This change also inspired us to sniff around to see if anything else had changed, and we discovered one more…

The another change we found, which might of come out today (but I’m not sure), is when you choose to “Like” a page you now get the option to add a comment to your “Like” so that, when it shows up on your friend’s news feed, there’s more than just “Daniel Ashcroft likes KMP Digitata”. This is a nice move by Facebook because I myself have become blind to what my friends “Like” in my news feed, but with this update I might be more inclined to have a look at their recommendation if they include a short explanation as to why they like it.

Facebook is always making small updates and changes, some good and some bad, but personally I really like these 2 and I look forward to seeing more. What are your thoughts on these changes? Leave us a comment below or tweets us @KMPDigitata.