Luxury Holidays

Personalising luxury. Bringing Carrier’s tailor-made holidays to life online.

KMP are an award winning team of strategists, creative thinkers, designers, developers and hard-working enthusiasts. We value our clients as equal partners and endeavour to cement long-term relationships with you in order to watch as your business continues to develop within an industry.

We’ve worked with luxury travel brands, airports, supermarkets, global engineering companies, chain makers and even mobile phone giants. As with them, we'll work with you to craft highly technical systems that are creatively beautiful and long-lasting, much like our friendship.

Our Expertise

Maxine Roberts Head of Marketing

KMP demonstrated from the start, it has a huge understanding of the industry and the luxury audience. The team exceeded all our expectations in terms of their understanding of the target audience and the digital strategy that we require and we are extremely impressed with the website they delivered.


Our Products

AeroParker is trusted online and mobile software with a pre book and pay ecommerce system that is low risk, easy to administer, scalable and secure.

The system has been designed by KMP to offer airports a channel to significantly increase non-aeronautical revenues and an easy way to collect valuable customer data for future commercial gain.

From pre book car parking, AeroParker allows cross selling of lounges, fast track security, F&B promotions and other 3rd party ancillaries.


Twitterfall is an interactive system invented by KMP to collate and display social feeds at events or any small to large assemblies of people. The live system brings together any tweets that are sent with regards to a particular event by recognising hashtags, then displays these on a large screen within the room for everyone to see and interact with.

Twitterfall allows for greater communication within a business environment, giving attendees the opportunity to voice their opinions and is carefully monitored by KMP in order to keep conversations relevant.