Using Google Ventures design sprint methodology

Getting Results Fast

We have been experimenting with using the GV design sprint methodology lately and it has been producing some great results. We've been flexible with the process in some cases and we've tinkered around to make this fit with our clients, but it has delivered well on the clients that have used this.

This page represents the MVP (minimal viable product) for us introducing this as a service from KMP Digitata.  By getting here you are clearly brave enough and interested enough in your own sprint. What we are proposing is that we would run a collaborative sprint with you, 1 week from insights to user tested prototype, if at the end of the sprint you want to take the work forward you pay for the sprint and we help you realise the project.

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1 - Within 3 days you'll get a call to discuss your requirement in more detail

2 - Decide if we go ahead 

3 - Sprint

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