KMP Digitata


Originally established as KMP Associates Limited in 1991, KMP Digitata is now an award winning Digital Marketing agency built around a team of highly creative, strategic and technical experts based in Greater Manchester. We excel at developing user centric, multi-channel digital experiences that deliver outstanding return on investment for all our clients and enabling them to thrive within their particular market industry. KMP have grown to become one of North West’s leading full service digital agencies and continue to produce the very best results for both large and small companies.

We continue to explore successful digital strategies for all customer channels and enable these to integrate with any technology platform. Continuously striving to be an original source of content and ideas, our core skills are built around insight, interactivity, technology and improving business process. KMP wish to inspire clients, helping them populate online and accomplish targets in the quickest, yet most beneficial way. 24 years within the industry, KMP Digitata endeavor to build  long lasting relationships with clients, and continue to progress in the world of Digital Marketing through research and understanding of customer demand.

We research, analyse and understand the content consumption of each of our clients customer type, which means a digital strategy is developed with goals and objectives that are customer centric. This detailed analysis may for example result in a tablet first implementation, expanding to smart phone and back to PC. More over and equally as important, some content maybe channel specific, again based on audience understanding and demands.

Once scoped, delivering a robust system requires personnel capability of exquisite UI design with UX at the forefront, backend technical capability and efficient project management processes. We have all of this in house.

Finally our clients need to be sure that whatever digital system has been delivered; it is managed and looked after at a high level, by skilled engineers on hand 24/7.

As KMP Digitata is made up of senior marketing personnel the work that is carried out with clients is always framed with a sense of commerciality. Developing solutions that deliver real ROI is part of the KMP culture and all members of the team strive to understand a client’s business to deliver on this.

As an agency, KMP Digitata aims to work with organisations as a long term partner and the focus on adding value through the application of our knowledge means that we have a solid base of long standing clients with many of our client relationships having been in place for 5+ years. KMP does this by remaining at the forefront of technology and taking a proactive approach with each client, working closely with client teams to deliver real results.

Our overall business philosophy is best expressed by our mission statement:

‘We develop amazing digital systems, that deliver elegant, user-centric and business led solutions that show our clients real return on investment.’


With every project we do, we strive for excellence and this is highlighted by the recent nominations and awards we’ve received for our work.


  • Big Chip Awards – Shortlisted– Best Digital Business Award
  • Big Chip Awards  - Shortlisted – Best B2C Project (Glasgow Airport)


  • Big Chip Awards – Winner –  Best B2C Project (Aberdeen Airport Contextual Timeline)
  • Big Chip Awards – Shortlisted – Best Digital Agency Award


  • Big Chip Awards – Shortlisted – Best use of Social Media (Trek Live for Trek America)
  • Big Chip Awards – Shortlisted – Most Innovative Application of Technology (Brilliant Project virtual showroom)
  • Northern Digital Awards - Shortlisted - Best Social Media (Trek Toons application for trek america)
  • Northern Digital Awards - Shortlisted - Best Digital Marketing Campaign (Trek Toons application for trek america)


  • Travolution Awards -  Runners up - Best Website User Experience (Aberdeen Airport Contextual Timeline)
  • Travolution Awards - Shortlisted - Best For Flying (Aberdeen Airport)
  • Big Chip awards - Shortlisted - Best Ecommerce Project (
  • CIM Travel Marketing Awards - Best Website or Microsite - Finalist (Aberdeen Airport Redesign)
  • Northern Digital Awards - Shortlisted - Best Website (Aberdeen Airport)
  • Northern Digital Awards - Shortlisted - Best Ecommerce project (


  • Big Chip Awards – WinnerBest Digital Agency Award
  • Travel Marketing Awards Best Website or Microsite – Winner – Carrier
  • Prolific North Awards – Shortlisted – Small Digital Agency
  • Big Chip Awards  - Shortlisted – Best Use of Social (TrekToons)
  • Big Chip Awards – Shortlisted – Best Digital Marketing Campaign (TrekToons)


  • SomeComms – Shortlisted (Nokia TweetSender)
  • TravelMole – Shortlisted (with Carrier for Best Luxury Tour Operator Website)


  • How-Do Awards “Best Digital Agency” – Shortlisted


  • Marketing Society Northern Awards “Best Low Budget Campaign” – Winner (TrekAmerica Ultimate Road trip)
  • TravelMole Awards “Best use of Social Media” – Winner  (TrekAmerica Live)
  • Marketing Society Northern Awards “Best Social Media Campaign” – Shortlisted
  • SomeComms Awards “Best use of Facebook” – Shortlisted
  • How-Do Awards “Best Digital Agency” – Shortlisted


  • SomeComms Awards “Best use of Twitter” – Highly Commended (Manchester Airport)
  • SomeComms Awards “Best Innovation” – Highly Commended (Tweeting departure board)
  • Best Airport on Twitter (Manchester Airport)
  • How-Do Awards “Best Digital Agency” – Shortlisted
  • Big Chip Awards “Best E-Business” – Shortlisted for 2 projects