We're proud to be nominated at the 2018 Big Chip Awards

Here at KMP Digitata HQ we’re preparing for a bit of a celebration as we attend the 20th annual Big Chip Awards – the largest awards in our sector outside of London. We’re nominated in two categories and whether we win or not we’re pleased as punch to be part of such a brilliant occasion.

We're especially delighted about the categories in which we've achieved nominations. Best Digital Business (previously known as Best Agency) and Best B2C project. As a matter of fact we're returning as current holders of the Best B2C award after winning last year for our work with Aberdeen Airport. Can we possibly retain the title? This time it's our work with Glasgow Airport that's up for the gong – I hope we're aren't becoming typecast!

Our 2017 B2C award

The Best B2C and B2B project categories are awarded to projects that show significant commercial benefits for the client. In other words demonstrating that what we do for our clients measurably improves our clients business. This is what we work every day to achieve.

It's not an easy award to enter – first of all there is the timing. In order to be able to demonstrate commercial benefits the site needs to be up and running so you have enough data to analyse. But in order to be eligible the project needs to have been launched in the appropriate window before the awards are opened. And in some cases it can be hard to demonstrate to judges the impact value – especially if it’s not an ecommerce project.

We've been nominated for this category of award (or its predecessor “Best E-business Award”) on SIX occasions and it’s no accident. We're very committed to making sure we understand how we can have a positive impact on our clients' business and then follow up with analysis to check we're having the planned impact. We're not just here to deliver pretty websites.

Finally in this 20th year of the Big Chips, we want to look back and say congratulations to the organisers and Manchester Digital for a great contribution to the digital sector in the north. We can also allow ourselves a pat on the back as by our reckoning we’ve been nominated around 14 times down the years, winning 5 including Best Agency in 2014. Rumour has it (wisdom handed down from the ancients – sorry JK) that we were nominated in the first ever Big Chips – or the Northwest internet awards as they were then known.

It seems as though it took us until the year 2000 before we won – and bagged a brace! Best agency and best service provider. I'm not sure what the difference is either. 

North west Internet awards 2000!

Whoever wins this year in our nominated categories, we know we’ll have a good night. Here’s to another 20 years. 🍾

Gez Daring


Update 05/07/2018

Well we didn't win :(. I suspected it was a long shot to win two years in a row and the winning entry for B2C looked like a really interesting project so no complaints here. We had a great night and there are some sore heads at KMP Towers this morning!. 

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees it's great to see the Northern digital sector doing so well. And congratulations to the young couple who appeared to be using the Twitterwall that we provided to light the spark of a burgeoning romance. Maybe we should look into dating apps...

 We're really proud of the work we're doing with Glasgow and we'll soon share a bit more detail on what we've achieved and why we think it was well deserving of its nomination.