Cracking Digital with Fraser Ralston from AGS Airports

We chat to Fraser about his role, what drives him and his team, and yes the unavoidable topic of Covid 19.

A full decade after it was cool to have a podcast, we've decided now is the time for us - proof if more proof be needed that we don't do things just because it's cool. I was even hesitant to call this a podcast or refer to episodes as it means we might have to do some more. Well as it turns out we have more lined up so now I'm pleased to present the first episode of the Digitata Decode podcast where we'll share (hopefully) regular chats with clients and cohorts about digital transformation.

Fraser was nice enough to allow us to use him as the proverbial guinea pig for this first episode and he was great. In our chat of around 20 minutes he was very forthcoming and honest about the challenges that face him in his role in charge of Digital and Ecommerce across Aberdeen. Glasgow and Southampton airports and how he plans to use digital to solve those challenges. 

There's a video or audio only version (the audio version is a bit better quality as I didn't want to annoy the audiophiles too much).

You can listen on Spotify, Subscribe on iTunes or use this Buzzsprout link to listen in your browser or find in your podcast distributor of choice.

 Or you can watch the video below with the compressed video call sound with which we've all become very familiar recently.

 Hope you like it.