Digitata Decode episode 2

Will Gough from Home Decor on e-commerce, adapting to changes in user behavior and industry 4.0

Surprising even ourselves, we've made it to episode 2. Can we keep it up? Lets hope so as Gez thoroughly enjoyed this chat with Will from Home Decor, Europe's leading manufacturer of sliding door home storage.

They talked, among other things, about how consumer behavior is affected by big events such as the 2008 recession and our current situation with Covid 19 and how Home Decor have responded to those events. They also touched briefly on the big topic of Industry 4.0 and what that means to the manufacturing and digital sectors. It's a good listen for anyone interested in e-commerce or modern manufacturing.

Home Decor's consumer facing arm is called Spaceslide and you can have a peek at their site to understand just what they do and try out the discussed configurator.

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 Or you just can watch/listen below. Enjoy.