Airportr expand into gatwick airport

iPad Portr

AirPortr first launched their unique luggage freedom service at London City Airport and have since been working hard to expand their offering and enhance the experience people have when planning and making journeys to and from London’s airports.

AirPortr’s exceptional concierge service takes customers’ luggage off their hands at the airport and transports it safely and securely to hotels, residences or businesses in the London area, ready for when the customer needs it. What’s more at London City Airport, domestic flight passengers can even enjoy the added extra of having their luggage collected directly from the airport luggage carousel for them by AirPortr, to ensure they don’t waste a moment and can get straight on with their day. The service also includes delivering customers’ luggage to the airport ready for them to quickly catch their flight without any hassle.

Last week saw the unveiling of the exclusive AirPortr ‘travel bag free’ service at Gatwick Airport, the second largest airport in the UK. To help launch the affordable service at Gatwick’s South Terminal, KMP worked closely with AirPortr to implement an exciting new homepage and Airport landing page design on the website.

To ensure that AirPortr were able to get their luggage drop off/collection point up and running at the new Gatwick airport location with minimal effort, KMP built the original admin system to require as little hardware as possible – the administration area AirPortr staff use to make and manage direct bookings at the airport Kiosk is fully responsive and downloadable on a smartphone.  In addition, we developed an iPad app integrated with the booking engine via a web service API to allow AirPortr staff to check in luggage for delivery and take the customer’s signature at the desk. Allowing them to easily take signatures and photos for ID cards, create memberships and check in luggage anywhere in the airport.

We also developed an intuitive and conversion focused UI for the booking process, to provide what is a complex logistics service to customers in a way that can be completely booked and managed by the customer on their own mobile device.  The tailored booking form guides users effortlessly through the booking steps with clear and concise information at every stage; to ensure that they complete the booking process happy that they understand exactly what they have booked and what will happen on the day they travel.

We used the API of CitySprint, AirPortr’s Logistics Company to integrate GPS tracking into a branded Google map that can be accessed on any mobile device.  As a result, customers are able to track the exact position of their luggage as it is taken from the airport to their hotel/residence/business from any device. They can even see a picture of the driver transporting their luggage and select to receive text message or email updates at every step of the journey, so they have complete confidence that their luggage is being looked after on its journey to the airport or their hotel, home or business. The text message/email updates even give customers the option to feedback to AirPortr upon the collection of their luggage, so that AirPortr can continue to always provide the best possible customer service.

Now thanks to AirPortr and KMP, both London City passengers and people traveling to and from Gatwick Airport can enjoy the luxury of offloading their luggage and stress-free journeys from just £15, whether they book in advance online or on their day of travel.