Coming soon - #NewDigs


KMP Digitata are looking forward to a really exciting month as renovations began on our very own offices yesterday to celebrate our 23rd birthday! The whole team have been involved with the decision to relocate and have had a very hands on approach with the entire design under the watchful eye of Sheila Bird Group. The move, along with currently looking for new members to join our fast growing team and embark on this new adventure, is a huge step in the development of the business and really shows just how much we have grown in the past few years.

With a stadium style glass presentation suite, floating cube meeting rooms and really original working space to take advantage of, KMP have struck gold in the heart of Stockport town centre, just minutes away from the train station. The 19th Century building is being totally, yet tastefully refurbished to suit 21st Century needs, giving KMP the perfect base to continue building our creative empire.

The new office certainly accommodates the company growth as a result of Venture capital secured to expand AeroParker, KMP’s specialist software for airports into Europe and North America. As we continue to go from strength to strength, we believe our #newdig really represents our creative success within the Digital Marketing world and how we plan to continue this into the future.

The KMP team officially move in on the first of August and can’t wait to settle in along with a number of new employees!