Integration of ucommerce and sitecore: An interview with Jason Munslow, Head of Digital at Home Decor

KMP Digitata Launches Brilliant Project, a new online furniture shop based on uCommerce and Sitecore. KMP Digitata interviewed Jason Munslow, Head of Digital at Home Decor about the bespoke storage brand named Brilliant Project. 


ucommerce and sitecore What’s your vision with Brilliant Project?

Want to make the extraordinary achievable for our customers. This is a bold vision and we are working hard to realise it.

What are the biggest benefits for customers to removing door salespeople?

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson. They invade your home and use all sort of tactics to make you buy their goods usually at overinflated prices.  We believe should be able to design and buy furniture in the comfort of your own home.

How do you plan to attract new customers to your website?

We are going to be focused on digital channels initially and then roll out into traditional media. Alongside this we have a successful PR campaign which is seeing an amazing level of interest by the Home Décor/improvement press.

How do you think technology has impacted the interior design industry?

Interior designers and architects now have a wealth of tools they can turn too. From the excellent Google ShetchUp to advance CAD systems. However until now this sort of technology has been virtually absent from the online retail sector.

ucommerce and sitecoreWhy have Home Décor expanded into the e-commerce market when traditionally customers like to buy storage in a showroom location?

Home Decor has seen a strong rise in purchases initiating online across its customer base over the last few years. With Brilliant Project we have started with e-commerce to provide a national purchasing opportunity from day one. Looking forward we will add touch points where customers can experience the product.

What opportunities do you see Sitecore presents you with regarding Brilliant Project?

Sitecore is a leading marketing platform. It will allow us to learn from and adapt to our customers’ needs and behavoiurs. KMP Digitata have also combined Sitecore with uCommerce which will provide a strong adaptable ecommerce platform which will enable our brand to grow.

How can Home Décor and Brilliant Project continue to move design forward with technology?

The key is to marry usability with functionality. We will look to provide solutions that help our customers achieve what they need.

How do you ensure the customer’s time on your website is as seamless experience?

We took time before we launched to carefully map out our customer touch points and journey though the site and beyond. We have been working hard with KMP Digitata to ensure that all the core processes work perfectly and will test quantitatively and more importantly with users to check everything works.

What was the best design advice anyone gave you?

Keep it ‘Simple and Useable’ was advice I got from Giles Colborne and Richard Caddick at CXP Partners. Giles has written an excellent book on the subject.