A new personalised digital identity for aberdeen international airport

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Aberdeen International Airport (AIA) website. We were engaged to deliver a 3 phase project for Aberdeen, helping them to form a new digital identity as they split from Heathrow Airports Holdings. Our mission was to create a new site which is professional, clear, and informative with a view to increasing site conversion for the airport. Our primary objectives were to

  • increase non-aeronautical revenue
  • improve the digital user journey
  • increase the number of inbound and outbound passengers
  • clearly communicate the range of destinations on offer from the airport

Having conducted several UX workshops to get under the skin of Aberdeen and this project, we have not only delivered a totally redesigned identity but transported them onto a new web platform that is future proof and will ensure key revenue streams are protected.


Using advanced geo-location technology, the website is designed to provide a personalised service, offering information dependent on users’ destination selections and geographical location. By uniting location and time to flight, users are now served the most relevant content to them based on unique traveller profiles. The site presents a more engaging user experience with superior and mobile-optimised search and navigation and the capability of providing tailored information to each and every visitor.

aberdeen airport directions

User Experience

We’ve put users at the heart of this website. New mega menu style navigation offers users a cleaner, less cluttered and easier to navigate experience; and allows Aberdeen Airport to bring their most important content to the forefront, guiding users to key touch points. Clear sign posting and a totally new set of user journeys have been used to turn users into passengers and give them the information they require in the most relevant way possible.

aberdeen airport menu

Destination Expertise

Users can now clearly identify which destinations and routes the airport serves using  the new and improved destination map which is now based on Google Maps. We have tied this into a range of expert destination guides covering all of the Aberdeen direct destinations. These guides allow AIA to communicate effectively with their passengers while also promoting their destination offering. Users now have access to everything from travel tips to the local weather in that country or city, allowing them to make a more informed choice on their holiday destination.

aberdeen airport destinations

Live Flight Information


We’ve completely redesigned the way the live flight information is displayed on the site. An innovative new pinning option allows users to “pin” one or more live flights to their browser, providing up to the minute status updates. Aberdeen were keen to ensure users had all of the information they needed at their fingertips so we introduced live flight updates by twitter. To achieve this, we constructed a tweeting departure board for the airport, allowing users to be kept up to date with the status of their flight by DMing their flight number and receiving regular messages back. We also gave users the option to receive email updates on their flight status which incorporated an option for those customers signing up to opt-in to future marketing emails from the airport.

aberdeen airport live flight

Because the new site is fully responsive, those users accessing the site via their smartphone can enjoy a streamlined, easy-to-use experience optimised for their device that allows users to keep up to date with their flight information on the move. The new site builds on the improvements made in 2014 which are already enjoyed by over 100,000 visitors each month, with over 1.2million people visiting the site in 2014 alone.

We are incredibly excited about delivering Aberdeen Airport’s website, we’ve worked really closely with the airport to ensure that we’ve used insight and innovation to really push the boundaries of what the site can do in a way that will be truly effective.  We set out to deliver a delightful user experience for Aberdeen Airport’s passengers providing useful and innovative functionality to enhance the overall airport experience.

The Results

The new Aberdeen International Airport website offers a bold fresh look and an enhanced digital experience for its visitors. Although the new site has only been live for  a short time, we are already seeing improvements in engagement. When compared to the same week last year:

  • Page views are up by 11%
  • Time spent on the website increased by 56%
  • Bounce rate has decreased by 26%


“The new site really does meet the requirements set out in the brief and we feel this marks a real step-change in airport website technology.  We are particularly pleased with the personalisation of content and ability to seamlessly enjoy this across a multitude of devices.”

Jason Stewart – E-Commerce Manager, Aberdeen International Airport