Ryanair launch live flight twitter app

Ryanair have recently launched new Twitter-based app service that gives travellers real time information on their flight status.


The app is linked to @RyanairFlights, and provides travellers with instant updates about their specific flight via the use of Twitter’s Direct Message functionality. Ryanair plans to do this for all 1,600 of its daily flights, though users won’t be subjected to updates about flights they don’t care about. We think it’s a great step for Ryanair. We’re such fans of the idea, we glad we had the same one nearly 5 years ago!


KMP has been working with airports on Twitter since 2009. Manchester Airport were the first airport in the world to launch a “Tweeting departure board”. Since then, Humberside and Aberdeen have also joined the fun with their own apps and we launched a similar application for Leeds Bradford Airport early this year.

Passengers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices and social media to source information, these airport’s customers can now receive important flight information directly to their device via Twitter.


We’ve also successfully worked with Manchester Airport Group on a new booking system called AeroParker which allows airport customers to pre book car parking and other third party ancillaries using any mobile or tablet device. Having worked alongside MAG for a number of years, we are proud to present our latest project which has now been delivered to Bournemouth, East Midlands and Manchester Airport.