Forging a relationship with a travel startup to see it prosper online

Airportr® is a brand new luggage delivery service operating between London City Airport and London Hotels. They offer peace of mind by managing the last (or first) leg of the journey for their customers while providing a truly 21st century experience.


The Website

We’ve been working with Airportr® on a number of exciting projects. The first of which has been a holding site to explain to customers and partners what the service is and how it will benefit them. The site is built in HTML5 and CSS3 using the Umbraco content management system. The site is fully responsive and we’ve included some subtle but effective transitions as the user scrolls to give the effect of the service offering.

Although Airportr® already had an outline brand in place, we pushed the brand further and developed it for use online.


The detail and benefits of the service are explained succinctly along with clear pricing information. We’ve integrated Campaign Monitor to encourage a capture user data. The users enters their email address as part of a competition and we then ask a set of follow up questions to gradually increase the users engagement with the brand.



The Prototype

Along with the website, to help Airportr® explain their offering to potential partners and customers we worked with the Airportr® team to build a prototype booking engine. This started with a series of intensive workshops to figure out the user flow and mental models when experiencing the Airportr® service.


From their we were able to build a HTML based prototype from which we could test out the interactions and flow of steps and fields.

We then worked to overlay the brand on the prototype to develop a clean but cutting edge look and feel for the booking system. This was then turned into fully working HTML to create a higher fidelity prototype that Airportr® could show potential customers and partners and make a ‘real’ booking. The addition of some localStorage functionality to fake a booking whilst retaining the customer details and Campaign Monitor integration for sending a smoke & mirrors confirmation email to users meant that it felt just like a fully-functional booking engine.


Initial feedback to the prototype was extremely positive and Airportr® have managed to get a number of high profile partners on board off the back of the work we’ve completed so far. There is a quick screencast of someone completing a booking shown below.

Next Steps

Since completing work on the prototype, we’ve carried usability tests on both the website and booking engine. The insights they have provided have been invaluable. For example, because of the testing we managed to identify that we could remove a step from the booking process. This has made the experience of booking quicker and easier for the customer to use.


The insights are being fed into the next part of the project which is an updated website, fully functional booking system and all the back office systems and integrations ready for the service to launch in late 2013.

It’s really exciting to be part of launching a new service such as Airportr® and we look forward to working with them on the next step of their journey.


The Results

  • Successful proof of concept
  • Large number of partner sign-ups
  • Go ahead to launch the service from Heathrow
Randel Darby CEO

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have done on the Airportr project to-date. The website and prototype both look fantastic. All comments and feedback we have had so far has been very complimentary. In addition to this, working with you guys on this first stage has been a pleasure, right through from project planning, design, build and delivery.