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We have worked with Sitecore since 2006 and in that time we have developed 16 sites for 8 separate clients excluding multi-language variants. Most Sitecore implementations also include extensive integration with back end systems e.g. stock control, payment gateways, CRM systems, donation platforms, document management, email marketing.
KMP Digitata is a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner because we believe the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform and add-on products offer great solutions in digital marketing and return on investment for our clients.

Sitecore Gold Certif

Our integrated user-centric approach works across all of our departments: strategic, creative and development. The fact that all these disciplines are executed in-house means that we are all able to ensure the vision, checks and balances occur throughout the process under one roof and no one loses sight of the goals in pursuit of looking pretty or delivering a “cool” functionality.

Our experience with Sitecore includes

  • Tailor made personalisation
  • E-Commerce Integrations (uCommerce) – a world first!
  • Third party service integrations such as Sharepoint, Sage CRM, SalesLogix and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Email campaign management through the Sitecore email platform as well as third party platforms
  • Experience Platform configuration and optimisation

Let’s take a look at some of our recent Sitecore projects…

Home Deco and Sitecore

Home Decor manufactures fitted storage solutions and sliding doors for trade and KMP was brought in to deliver a B2C e-commerce offering for their luxury range of high-end fitted sliding wardrobes and associated furniture. We responded by creating Brilliant Project. Their USP is that users don’t need a salesperson to visit the home – it can all be done with a click of a mouse. The links between uCommerce and Sitecore worked perfectly – Andy Holt our Technical Architect described it as working like black magic and our client loves the concept of controlling personalisation and automation. This sprinkling of e-commerce magic is allowing filtered browsing alongside a fully integrated payment system utilising the PayPal Payment Gateway functionality adding a touch of simplicity and familiarity to the experience while ensuring all transactions are secure.

Brilliant project sitecore ucommerce site


The project also involved complex integrations with Mandata – the delivery fulfillment organisation, Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM to track all e-commerce orders and Vee24 video live chat – a first for KMP! With the new web presence, they wanted to focus completely on customers! They had two goals: 1. dramatically improve the customers` experience when interacting with Home Decor online; 2. Build a stronger online presence and website with a new technical platform. This is the first site in the world to use the powerful combination of Sitecore and U-commerce, to deliver an enterprise level e-commerce solution and this is now the current recommended approach from Sitecore for sites that include e-commerce requirements. Our main objective was to increase conversions by creating a user-centric site that acts as an extension to the Spaceslide Showrooms, allowing users to explore and configure a full range of materials and design options.

Home Decor Head of Digital, Jason Munslow said: “Sitecore is a leading marketing platform. It will allow us to learn from and adapt to our customers’ needs and behaviour. KMP Digitata have also combined Sitcore with uCommerce which will provide a strong adaptable ecommerce platform which will enable our brand to grow.”



Tensar International PortalTensar International is the world-leader in technology-driven soil reinforcement and mechanical ground stabilisation, but they felt their previous website didn’t represent that. So it was down to us to build a website that was worthy of a global leader in the construction industry. We addressed the brief by constructing a Sitecore based website portfolio consisting of 22 regional websites across 16 different languages and integrated with Sharepoint, SageCRM and SalesLogix to provide a seamless experience for users and a powerful tool for the Tensar marketing teams.

There is substance behind these words…

When we’ve combined the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform with our knowledge and expertise across UX, Design, Build and Optimisation we achieve fantastic results for our clients.

  • We promised Spaceslide that we would deliver a site to drive e-commerce sales and increased their first month sale conversion by 25% bucking market trends
  • We promised Tensar that we could improve their business and our digital platform delivered a conversion rates increase from 3% to 12% adding a six figure sum to Tensar’s corporate bottom line
  • Tensar achieved an ROI of 600% in the first year and the project paid for itself in it’s 3 months of deployment – surpassing everybody’s expectations!


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As a team we always go the extra mile to create fantastic websites that surpass the brief and deliver delightful user experiences. As developers we love Sitecore because it puts some amazing tools at our disposal to solve problems. Our clients love it because they get a site that fits their business needs while giving them unparalleled power at their fingertips.

So if you’re looking for help with an existing Sitecore site or you’re looking for a new partner to help you with a new project get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.