Manchester Airports Group

Stimulating MAG's social audience with a fun facebook game

Pig-a-pult is a Facebook game that challenged the user to fire the Manchester Airport mascot, Piggles, to one of their other airport destinations to get a high score and beat their friends.

Manchester Airport came to use with two objectives that they wanted to achieve through any means that we saw appropriate. Following on from KMP Digitata’s and Manchester Airport’s success with Twitter and the Tweeting Departure board we felt that something with Facebook was the next step.

The first objective was to inform people of all the destinations that the public can fly to from Manchester Airport outside of the destination map on the Manchester Airport website. Secondly Manchester Airport wanted to increase the number of contacts in their CRM database in a manor where the contact would be happy to provide their details.

So we created Pig-a-pult a Facebook game where users would launch a pig (Piggles) from Manchester Airport to one of their many destinations. Score were calculated depending on proximity to the destination airport and how far away that airport is. Users then entered the competition by providing their details and sharing with their friends.

Pig a Pult Facebook App for Manchester Airports Group

The campaign went viral with users publishing their scores on their Facebook wall and challenging their friends to try and beat their score. The Pig-a-pult game was nominated for “Best use of Facebook” at the 2011 SomeComms Awards.

If you have a Facebook account and fancy playing for fun, then get flinging piggles alternatively, watch the video below to see it in action.

The Results

  • Nominated for Best use of Facebook at the 2011 SomeComms Awards
  • Piggles flung over 10,000 times
  • Huge increase in contacts to the CRM database
  • Excellent media coverage in magazines and blogs