Progressing renolds mobile presence

As with many websites these days industry leading chain & gears manufacturer, Renold were experiencing increasing traffic to their website from mobile devices. It was therefore a no-brainer to create a site designed specifically for mobile devices.

The challenge of creating the new mobile site came from trying to host the whole Renold product range in a clear, easily navigated site that would work on a wide range of mobile devices.

Mockup of the Renold mobile site in three different phones

The new mobile site is not only used as a mobile optimised website for incoming web traffic but has also become an important tool for their sales team. It’s often the case that large brochures and spec sheets are not ideal for being carried around on the factory floor during client/customer tours. Therefore it’s great for the sales guys to be able to access all the information to show the customer right there and then without having to post brochures on or carry them all around with them, just in-case.

We chose to build the site on the popular .NET based Umbraco CMS due to it’s speed and ease of use. This has given Renold content managers the power to update the site quickly and effortlessly. The site is separate from the desktop version because of CMS constraints and varying user journeys.

The Results

  • Vastly improved user experience
  • Easier content management
  • Increased enquiries from mobile devices
David Turner Marketing Communications Manager

KMP’s team kept the structure and design simple to make it quicker and easier for our customers and sales teams to access product information while on the move. We’re very pleased with the result.