Trek America

Populating user facebook timelines with quirky cartoons for leading adventure tour operator

Trek America came to KMP wanting to update an online application which had been running for 3 years – the brief was to maintain the successful sharing elements of 8 mates, but deliver something new that would be available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Working in collaboration with Trek America, a concept was developed that would enable users to add faces of their friends to a cartoon scene from the USA – The digital version of the cut out face scenes at fairgrounds and tourist spots.

Trek Toons Facebook Application

The mechanic is designed so that the user creates a scene using their Facebook friends which is then tagged and shared – with the ultimate aim for the user to win a fantastic trek across the USA with seven of their Facebook friends.

Built as a responsive site, Trek Toons allows users to choose and manipulate scenes with both traditional and touch inputs to ensure uptake on a wide variety of devices. The site also uses Facebook integration to allow users to add images of their friends to the Trek Toon and then share the final image, tagged with their friends, within their timeline to deliver the maximum number of shares.

Trek Toons Comp

The Results

Within the first month of launch the site had seen over 16,000 competition entries with more than 3,000 Trek Toon images created and shared. Above is one we made with some fine KMP folk.