Get your ears out

Creating a thriving online community music site

With over 500,000 bands and artists at a user’s fingertips it really is a one stop shop for all music lovers. Users can meet other gig-goers, share content, review, rate and rant about the music and bands they love.

KMP were engaged to design and build a fresh and modern website that would appeal to music lovers everywhere. Aiming to create a place and service that we think will be useful to people that make music, enjoy checking out live music and have a passion for talking about music pretty much 24/7, Get Your Ears Out is a site that merges fans, bands/artists, gigs, tickets and content in one place.

How we did it

To keep costs down and ensure a very fast site Get Your Ears Out has been developed using bespoke PHP. As the majority of the content is either self-generated or obtained via APIs, a CMS was not needed – Get Yours Ears Out is practically a self-maintaining community.

There’s not much point creating a live music website that doesn’t give you the times, dates and venues of your favourite band’s gigs. To achieve this we made use of the API provided by – the hugely popular music recommendation service. This has ensured the users of Get Your Ears Out are provided with up to the minute gig information about their favourite bands, gigs and events. We’ve also allowed users to share their taste in music with their friends by integrating the site with Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Get your ears out website