Starting a social conversion to launch a new nissan car

We partnered with Nissan’s PR agency to provide support with social media activity to promote the launch of the Nissan Juke, the important urban crossover manufactured in the UK

This project required us to utilise identification monitoring of twitter, influential forums, Facebook groups and blogs for relevant conversations as well as consultation about how to respond and engage using the chosen official channels of twitter and Facebook. We also provided supporting social media activity around various launch events including secret gigs, exclusive access to factory launches, 3D light projection shows and other high profile activities.

We encouraged influential advocates to create more content and share positive messages by providing them with timely and exclusive content. We identified twenty likely advocates that demonstrated a strong sphere of social media influence within blogs, forums, Flickr, YouTube and twitter and invited them to an exclusive launch event at the Nissan Factory in Sunderland. The event generated hundreds of user generated photo and video uploads to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and twitter, resulting in thousands of item views. We created group pools for this content and helped to share it.

We were then tasked with helping to generate social media buzz around a proportional secret “gig in a box” in Manchester. The secret gig featuring La Roux was teased on twitter with a series of leading questions as to what the event would be. We also made use of location based social tool, Foursquare and encouraged users to log in to the site of the event in the week run up to the gig by giving away a prize. On the night of the gig, we were on hand to interview excited fans using Audioboo and post the interviews immediately, as well as live tweeting photos of the celebrity attendees, this real time activity resulted in more people attending on the night.