Manchester Airport Group

Going mobile to provide information fast

The mobile versions of the Airport websites is a vital part of their mobile strategy in addition to the iPhone and Android applications. As mobile traffic across the 3 websites (Manchester, East Midlands and Bournemouth) increases it was clear we had to focus on how the Airport could continue to supply their customers with the information they want in a way that suits their current needs.

In order to cater for users who didn’t want to use apps on their phone we developed mobile versions of the websites. We performed research into the browsing habits of mobile users on all three sites to discover what content they require and it was clear that the live flight information was the most important feature.

Parking and Airport maps were 2nd and 3rd respectively after Flight Information, so the mobile homepage was built with these 3 items as a focus. Although the mobile site is a scaled down version of the main site in order to improve UX on mobiles we maintained many features, such as the ability to log in into your account to access your airport booking information.

The Results

The mobile sites receive 184,000 visits and perform over 500,000 live flight searches a month.