Manchester Airport Group

Helping people escape to pamper themselves in Manchester Airport Lounge

As part of our long standing relationship with Manchester Airport’s Group we were asked to help create an experiential, alluring website to help sell their Escape Lounges. Alongside the site we built an extension to our car park booking system to allow them to take bookings specifically for the various lounges. The number of lounge bookings has improved markedly since launch.

The Process

Taking the offline brand we developed the brand to work online and focussed on designing the landing page templates to sell in the Escape Lounge experience prior to users booking.The homepage focusses on selling the lounges and the experience, with the individual lounge pages detailing the specifics of that lounge.

Manchester Airports Group Escape Lounge Website

We designed an innovative approach to the quick booking form to allow users to quickly and easily get a quote. Firstly, the quick booking form is designed horizontally. Nothing fancy about that in itself but crucially, when the users scrolls down the page, the quick booking form pins to the top of the browser, meaning it’s always visible and the biggest tool we have for customer conversion is easy to find and use.

Escape Lounge Pinned Quick Booking Form

The Results

  • Increased bookings
  • Increased conversion
  • Improved user experience