Harvesting customer insights to help nokia keep people up-to-date

Nokia find it difficult to keep in touch with their phone users.

Their customers, aren’t really their customers, they are the customers of the networks and that makes it hard for Nokia to engage with their user base and add value to their brand offering.  Nokia recognised that in order to retain current users and grow the uptake of Nokia by the next generation of phone users they needed to build relationships, and it is in that truth that Tweetsender was born.

Nokia Tweetsender Login

Tweetsender is a way of engaging twitter users to share some simple details and be kept up to date with all of what is going on with their phone – delivered as DM’s – imagine an email marketing tool, but for Twitter, well that is Tweetsender.

Any user that follows @nokia was followed back and asked to tell Nokia their phone model and country location, in a tweet or by accessing a responsive web form. Having responded to the tweet the user is the added to the twitter database, accessible by Nokia admins through tweetsender.

Nokia can now target Nokia twitter users by their phone model and country to deliver a much more personalised experience through twitter. No more clogging up their users timelines with tweets about irrelevant phone information, DM’s with targeted, apps, tips and tricks and when models reach a couple of years old – information about the latest models.  And the best thing about this is that as this is delivered to opted in users as a DM, messages cut through all of the other twitter noise making the medium all that more powerful for Nokia.

The vision is to develop this to enable Nokia to engage with users on a micro level, enabling Nokia to share hyper-targeted content and encourage users to become advocates, sharing on the information they receive through tweetsender – enabling Nokia to build strong digital relationships with their core users and turn customers into advocates through innovative use of digital channels.

Nokia Tweetsender