A joined-up solution for a global engineering company

Tensar is truly a global company, with not only sales personnel and distributors located across the globe but also manufacturing bases in several continents. Having separate language version websites for Africa, Europe, Australasia, Asia and both North and South America can potentially be confusing to users and Tensar asked us to help them find a solution. We recommended the creation of an international portal microsite – powered from their new Sitecore CMS, offering a truly centralised solution for the Tensar digital team.

The Tensar-International site gives users a quick and easy way to choose their location, wherever they may be in the world, via links or by using the interactive global map. Once a continent has been selected users can then choose which country within the content they are interested in. Taking it one step further, we’ve also added language options to the localities meaning that not only can users select which website they would like to view but also which language they’d like to view it in.

The international portal has provided a truly joined-up experience for users and is helping them to find the information they need more efficiently and much faster.

Tensar International Portal